eBay Find Of The Day: ’55 Chevy 3100 With Real Patina

We dig this '55 Chevy 3100 Stepside, there's so much potential in this thing... Images: eBay motors

Scouring on eBay, one can uncover many different things; used bicycles, He-Man action figures, a slice of toast with Jesus’ head on it, the list goes on. There is literally no end in sight of the possibilities of finding something interesting.

So when we went looking for classic trucks on the overly popular auction site, we ran across this ’55 Chevy 3100 Stepside. To the casual observer, it looks like nothing more than a faded-out derelict from the age of doo-wop and Eisenhower. On the face if it they may be right, but to people like us, this could either make a great restoration project or rat rod.

The interior on this aqua/teal over white pickup is covered with surface rust (insert tetanus shot joke here), but any competent body man shouldn’t have any trouble cleaning it up. The oak floorboards in the bed are rotted, but can easily be replaced with new pieces from the local hardware store.

The seller claims the floors are solid, and although we can see a bit of sunlight peeking through on both corners of the front fenders just behind the rear wheels, the rest of the footwell looks to be in good shape. But it probably wouldn’t hurt to pull back on the floor mat just to be sure.

The tried and true 235cui straight-six under the hood propels this Chevy down the road, while a three-on-the-tree manual, another reminder of a bygone era, sits on the column shifting the gears.

It’s advertised as being an all original example, including the 65,000 miles on the clock. Given its rough exterior, the odometer could have rolled over, but it is possible the seller could be telling the truth. This sweet little truck comes with a clear title, and offers a Buy-it-Now price of $6500 for those who are impatient. We would still bid low, though.

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