Holy patina Batman!  Take a look at this California black plate, ’32 Ford 5-window time capsule that was recently unearthed in all it’s moldy splendor in Baltimore, Maryland. It recently sold for $25K and change on eBay.

According to the seller, the earliest known sale of the car took place in San Francisco in 1962. From there it bounced around the country before landing in a garage in Baltimore for 14 years.  After that, it was exiled outdoors where it’s been sitting for the last 4 years.

This Ford was running a small block Chevy, though it’s long since gone. This full fendered coupe does come with an extra hood, original bumpers and a tow bar bolted to the front of the car. The car is sporting a JC Whitney-esque steering wheel and a red and white tuck and roll interior as well. Interestingly enough, the car’s roof has never met up with a torch and remains factory original.

The car is rough but the price it brought reflects the value of an original Henry Ford built ‘32. The factories, the workers and hell, the country that built this car are all dead and gone, even finding one in someone’s back yard is a thing of the past. With all the perfectly restored or rodded  ’32s around, why not put this Coupe in a big glass box and leave it exactly as found, a historical artifact of a long lost America?