eBay Find of the Day: Woody ‘32 Ford Pickup Hot Rod Convertible

There is no better place on the Internet to find wacky and weird hot rods than eBay. In the past decade the market for hot rods exploded, only to crash when the bottom fell out of the market. This orphaned many hot rods, and more than one collector has found the sudden need to clean out their collection. But one man’s loss is another man’s treasure.

Up on eBay right now is a rather unique hot rod, based on the body of a ‘32 Ford but with a wooden body, convertible top, and pickup bed that is definitely a custom job. But is this hot rod woody something you would put in your garage?

Professionally built and absolutely unique, this ‘32 Ford woody pickup is just one part of a massive collection that is apparently being parted out. The Buy It Now price of $75,000 seems steep, but the real custom woodwork and custom everything else probably cost a lot more than that. How many wooden pickup convertible ‘32 Fords are out there?

Under the hood is a 283 stroker engine backed by an automatic transmission, and nice touches like working gauges and suicide doors help make this rod daily drivable. It’s so wacky and unique though, that we’re not sure we’d want to take it out more than a few times a year. What about you? Could you see yourself driving this woody pickup to your local grocer?

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