Slightly modded 1936 Ford Club Cabriolet.

We rarely post any ebay car auctions because of the short lifespan of an online auction, however… this one was too good to pass up. Listed as a 1936 Ford Club Cabriolet vintage survivor with mild custom, it is certainly a clean representative of an era when Ford tried to push tons of cars onto the market.

Ford was slow to respond to Chevy’s Inline Six engine released in 1929. The flathead V8 was the answer, but was more expensive and less dependable initially.

1936 was a horrible year for the economy which was mired in the Great Depression. Auto sales had dropped by 75 percent during 1929 to 1932. Many automakers closed down, especially those in the highly profitable luxury end of the market. Ford was placed in a difficult predicament when hit with high tariffs on parts that were were manufactured in the US then shipped overseas to be assembled. Many of these parts were taxed nearly 100 percent.

The exterior appears to be in decent shape with a couple small areas that need work.

Ford brought their flathead V8 to market in 1932, which was a game-changer on many levels, but the engine was more expensive and less reliable than the competition. Because of weaker sales, Ford lost a large part of the market. By 1936, the company was rebounding, even through the struggles, by competing in the midpriced market with popular models like the Club Cabriolet.

The Club Cabriolet model was introduced in 1936 with a fully framed windshield and weatherproof top, adding to the popularity of the model. Approximately 4,616 Club Cabriolets with their trade mark rear seat were produced. Ford released new body styling for all their cars in 1938, making the 1936 Club Cabriolet a fairly rare body style.

According to the auction listing, this 24-stud, 59AB flattie has new cooling components and runs as it should.

The piece offered for auction on ebay is a partial restoration/restomod of a Cabriolet that had been sitting for decades. Among the work that has been done includes replacement of the radiator, water pumps, and hoses in the cooling system. A new fuel tank and rebuilt carburetor for the fuel system, along with a new PowerMaster alternator on a 24 stud, 59AB flathead that is in normal running condition.

The interior has been reworked and ready for passengers.

The current owner also explains that the transmission behind the flathead is a 1939 top loader 3-speed that shifts well. Rebuilt brakes and 650 Firestone tires mounted to a suspension that includes a dropped front axle and new rear spring kit. The look is completed with new Moon hubcaps.

Ready to run, the dash is complete.

While the body and frame are solid, the owner states; “There is some rust in the front of the rear fenders and lower apron below the trunk. The floors also show some rust, but overall very solid for a surviving 80 year old car.”

The buy it now price $39,000 may have some watching with sticker shock, but the “make offer” option is still in play. The vehicle is located in Holland, Michigan, which may mean that the car didn’t travel very far from its place of birth.