When you think of the term “hot rod”, what sort of cars come to mind? Depending on a person’s brand loyalty or personal tastes, there are a number of cars that come to mind, and almost all of them made before 1959. The Ford Ranger is not the kind of vehicle that we often associated with hot rodding in any way, but as we’re about to see, where there’s a will, there’s a way…even if the way leaves you scratching your head in confusion.

Bangshift was tipped off to this gem of a hot rod on Craigslist, and it left us with more questions than answers. Foremost in our mind…does this really count as a hot rod?

In the purest sense of the word, no. It’s not a classic car, and it probably never will be. That said, the chopped roof, ’32 Ford grille, and transplanted inline-six engine all beg for the hot rod classification. There’s also the flaming paint job, custom oak bed, fat rears, and redonkulous exhaust headers that really argue the point that this is a modern take on hot rodding.

It’s hard to argue, even if it doesn’t align exactly with the pre-eminent tastes in hot rodding today. One must admire the enterprising spirit that went into the custom work on this modern take on a “hot rod”, though ultimately this one-off custom has been passed around a few times and will probably end up as a permanent back yard ornament than as part of any collection.