Gallery: Speedhunters’ Favorite Gasser Wheels

In the last two years, the Gassers have been coming out of the woodwork like crazy. It’s becoming a craze. It seems like everyone’s building some type of Gasser, whether it be an altered wheelbase F/X style drag car or a an old streetcar made up to look like an old nostalgic racer. It’s a wonder, there are any fender well headers, or straight axle front ends left in existence.

Remember these chrome reverse rims on the '55 in"American Graffiti".

Another thing we have noticed is that the old-style magnesium wheels, as well as some of the early aluminum wheels are getting harder to find. Many of the original wheels that you do find are usually just found in pairs, or they are to beat up to salvage.

Because the demand for these early wheels is so high, the prices have skyrocketed for many of the originals, like Halibrand, early Fenton and ET, along with many of the older American racing designs.

There are a few wheel companies out there that have started reproducing many of the old nostalgic style wheels. Rocket wheels is one of them, and they have all the bases covered, when it comes to wheel fitment for the old-school Gasser type cars.

They manufacture quite a few of the old nostalgic style wheels and they are very cost-effective, making the decision to buy new replicas a “no-brainer,” versus trying to restore corroded, banged up, or otherwise warped, old originals.

Our friends over at Speed Hunters recently went to the California hot Rod reunion, and decided to snap a few pictures of some early wheels. As you can see many of these wheels fit right at home on these early drag cars, definitely adding to their nostalgic appearance. Let’s hear about your favorite wheel design for an old-school build.

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