Hedman Hedders’ Weld-Up Kits Open the Doors of Imagination

Custom Hot Rod builders can go from mild to ridiculously wild with Hedman Hedder's U-Weld Hot Rodz header kits. Let individual taste and performance be your guide. The headers pictured above were not built with Hedman Hedders U-Weld kits and only serve as an example of an extreme custom built set of headers.

While Hedman Hedders offers a full line of quality headers for custom hot rod builders needs, which includes tight tube headers, block hugger style headers and the old school line of headers, Hedman hasn’t forgotten the extreme custom hot rod car builder.

Hedman’s line of U-Weld header kits open the doors for custom builders to produce a quality set of headers based on specific needs or extreme creative designs for a unique, one-of-a-kind set of headers.

Individual taste and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, and more than any other type of car enthusiast, hot rod builders express their personal tastes in the finished product.

Joining with the extreme custom builders that don’t want sets of pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter headers, Hedman Hedders offers U-Weld it kits, including the popular Headman Hot Rodz Lakester header kits.

Hedman Hedders U-Weld Hot Rodz Lakester header kit.

These headers are sold in unassembled kits, like an “erector set,” so you or your builder can build them to meet your particular needs, designs, and tastes. Each Hot Rodz header kit comes complete with all of the necessary 3/8 in. flanges, smooth mandrel-bent primary tubes, megaphone, hardware, and gaskets. They are also available with or without turnouts and downpipes.

The header kits feature all steel tubing in natural finish with standard flanges, and all bolts and gaskets are included in the kits.

While most custom car builders will opt for something less extreme than the set of headers shown in the photo above, the Hedman Hedder’s U-Weld it kits certain open the doors to build any type of header that could be imagined.

For more information, or to see the full line of Hedman Hedders products, visit them at www.hedman.com

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