Home-Built Heroes: Three Cool Rides Delivering Everyday Fun


One of the things we like to do here at Chevy Hardcore, is keep things personal. After all, the way we see it, we’re just one of the guys. Keeping that personal connection is what prompted us put together our Home-Built Hero weekly segment that you keep seeing on the homepage. We want you guys to have the opportunity to be a part of what’s happening here, and we are continually asking you all to send in submissions about your cars. They do keep coming, and we appreciate that.

This week, we decided to put together a grouping of reader’s rides and show you a variety of classic Chevys to drool over. These cars epitomize the term home built, so let’s take a look.

Big-Block Bruiser

Virgil Alger told us that he found this ’68 Chevelle in the bushes of West Virginia. That was almost six years ago, and since then, he filled the under-hood area with a 454ci big-block with Trick Flow heads, a roller cam, Harland Sharp roller rockers, and a Holley 750 double pumper.

When asked why he chose this Chevelle, “I love the Chevelle, and the taillights on a ’68 are my favorite.”

Pony Car Proud

Kevin Hurley started his email by saying “Chevrolet has been in my blood since I turned 15-years-old. When I was in high school my car was a 1969 Camaro. Since then I’ve had two ‘67s, a ‘68, two ‘69s, and a ‘71.” That’s a heck of a run of Camaro ownership.

Now, he currently owns a 1969 Camaro RS/Z28 with a healthy 383ci small-block. He does have the 302ci engine for the car, and it sits at rest on the engine stand ready to put in when needed.

Kevin started attending the Super Chevy Shows with the ’69, and while that was fun, he grew tired of watching the race action from the bleachers.

That’s when he found his ‘68 Camaro. The car was in two pieces behind and old garage. He bought it in November 2007 and was racing in March 2008. Kevin tells us he built the car in his garage. To quickly motivate the ’68, He built a 496ci engine, that spun the dyno at 802hp.

Part Of The Nova Nation

Jay McDonald’s 1963 Chevy Nova started taking up residence in his garage after he traded the owner a ‘63 Impala SS. That was 1974, and either car would be a cool high school driver.

Jay and his father applied some new Palomar Red paint in 1975, and it served dutifully as his transportation until the responsibilities of adulthood got in the way.

“I neglected the car for many years while career and family obligations took precedence. Finally, one day I pulled it from the old shed and put it back on the road with the help of my dad and two sons.

Under the hood is a transplanted 238ci small-block that has been dressed up with the requisite engine bling.

Do you want to read about more Home-Built Heroes? All you need to do is click here. If you own a Home-Built Hero, we want to hear about it. Since we’ve started the series, we have received more than a few candidates, but we still want to see more – we can never get enough. If you want to see more cars built by you the readers, send us a few pictures of your car showing the engine, interior, and exterior, along with all of the pertinent information, and we’ll make you Internet famous. You can send your submissions to chevyhardcore@powerautomedia.com.

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