How Jet-Hot Coatings Helped Set A Veggie Oil Land Speed Record

College kids are incorrigible beasts, rarely listening to sense or logic. Many of these silly idealists engage in protests against all sorts of specters and boogymen, though some of our nation’s educated elite decide to do more than complain about a problem. For the students of Boise State University in idaho, the problem they saw was a lack of competition for the vegetable oil-powered land speed record.

The team of students, calling themselves Greenspeed, took an old S-10 and dropped a Cummins diesel into it. And when they found their engine running too hot for the veggie oil, they turned to Jet-Hot Coatings to save their pistons.

The Greenspeed team built their land speed-record S-10 in just two months. The engine is an old inline-six pulled from a Dodge Ram diesel, tuned for maximum performance. The engine was built by Big Twin Diesel, who recommend a coating from Jet-Hot to help save Greenspeed’s pistons as they flew down the course.

The treatment had to happen fast though, and Jet-Hot recieved, coated, and shipped the parts back out in the same day. They gave the pistons a treatment of Slick Coat around the sides of the pistons, in addition to an Extreme 1300 treatment to dissipate heat across the piston dome. That’s an amazing turnaround, which was good for the Greenspeed team, who worked up until the last minute to qualify their S-10 for landspeed record passes. At the end of the day, Greenspeed walked away with a new record for vegetable oil-powered vehicles, setting a blistering average speed of 155.33 mph.

The team isn’t stopping here though, hoping to topple the standing diesel record of 215 mph next. Those Jet-Hot-coated parts will go a long way towards achieving that goal, that much is sure.

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