We have all heard the story of the guy that bought the ’63 Corvette for $1,000 that was advertised by a little old lady as just a “old Chevy” for sale. Well, there are all types of stories and myths going around, some true and some just exaggerations of tales told long ago. This particular story – unlike so many – is true and was reported by Junk Yard Life last month.

Ron Kidd is now the lucky owner of this ’55 Chevy that he spotted under an old car port in northern Alabama. Kidd decided that he was going to take it home, but not that day. It took over two years of waiting and negotiating with a very stubborn owner, but a deal was struck and last February, he took it home.

Researching the  VIN revealed that it was bought new at a dealer in Birmingham, Alabama by an older lady that sold it to the second owner in the mid ’60s, a woman named Dianna. It was repainted turquoise and ivory.

Then her husband took ownership from her and turned it into a drag car. He put a 327 and a 4-speed from a ’64 Impala in it and raced it at Lassiter Mountain Dragway. Then in 1970, his brother last used it on a date. The date didn’t go too well as engine failure locked up the ’55, causing it to be put out to pasture for the last 40 years or so.

These finds are out there and you need to be persistent in getting what you want and patient when dealing with seemingly stubborn owners. So happy picking and you could be the next owner of a lost treasure like Ron’s ’55 Chevy.