Internet Used As A Tool For a Barn Find

For almost any car guy or girl who has heard of a barn find, it piques your curiosity when you see an old barn. How many of us gearheads can go past an old barn these days and not be curious about what’s inside?

Now that your mind is going to places that you’ve never been, thinking about old barns you’ve seen and wondering what lies beneath their wooden rafters, imagine this story.

You’re on the internet and you’re looking at an aerial map of your old neighborhood. You spot an old barn that you remember seeing before and you zoom in. But ‘before’ doesn’t mean the other day or last week. No, ‘before’ in this case means 1967.

Jeff lives in Michigan, and on Cars in Barns he remembers an old barn back from 1967. He had been curious about the cars scattered around the property and had talked to the owner to get the skinny on all those cars. They were just about every car the man had ever owned – including a couple of cars from the 1930’s.

When Jeff was on the internet recently, he saw that the barn was still standing and there were still cars scattered around in the yard. He couldn’t believe his eyes and had to find out if the image was accurate and if those cars were still there.

Jeff got in touch with an old neighbor through Facebook who informed him that the cars are still there. Though the original owner had passed away, Jeff spoke to his son and was able to see and photograph the old cars.

He liked one of the cars so much that he bought it. It was a 1936 Hudson Terraplane sedan, a typical family car back in it’s day. He also picked up a 1933 Chevrolet and he will be going back there in June to retrieve it.

Barn finds are getting more and more interesting lately, and now you can add internet maps as another resource. Who would have thought that you could find cars in a barn from the comfort of your own home?

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