Japan’s Local Hero Cruise a Familiar Scene for International Rodders

What could be mistaken as a scene alongside Hawthorne Boulevard in downtown L.A. is far from it in these pictures we recently came across from the Local Hero. These hot rods, lead sleds, low riders and customs may be American but they are certainly not on red, white and blue soil. Cars, shops, and streets that look like they’re straight out of L.A. but they are in fact half way around the world. But who cares if they’re not here in the states? It’s all about enjoying your custom creation no matter where you reside and these enthusiasts are certainly doing just that!

These pictures were taken by Local Hero’s Toshi Shimizu, an automotive photographer in Japan.

During a recent Local Hero cruise night, Toshi took these amazing shots of  enthusiasts and their toys that came out to celebrate a bit of Kustom Kulture amidst the hubbub and lights of Nagoya, Japan.

Even with movies like Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift suggesting otherwise, Kustom Kulture is a major part of the automotive scene in Japan, and all over the world in fact. And some of the customs that are popping up in different countries across the globe are just plain amazing and have our curiosity peaked. Are they building them better in other countries or just different?

American made rods and customs are popping up all over the world as part of the international automotive scene.

Cruising boulevards, admiring the detailed customization that goes into these custom cars, and just letting loose and enjoying the purity of the hobby is a universal language that we all know quite well. So this weekend we challenge you to get out and enjoy your ride. It might’ve been a rough week or the greatest week of your life but either way, there’s nothing quite like cruising your hot rod for some weekend fun.

For more pictures from the Local Hero cruise, check out the photo gallery here.

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