Love them or hate them, Kardashians know how to spend money and get headlines. The sisters spent a Sunday in what appears to be Palm Springs, California, and elected to rent a classic car for a few hours. Not just any classic would do for these limelight lovers, they went for the gusto with a bright red Chevrolet Bel Air.

According to the Daily Mail, 32-year-old Khole Kardashian was behind the wheel of the iconic Bel Air. Fortunately, the rainy weather did not reach the lower desert of California otherwise things might have been a little less idyllic for the selfie queen’s SnapChat photo session. Typically, late winter or early spring is a great time to explore the retro architecture of Palm Springs, so it only makes sense that a classic Chevrolet would enhance the experience for anyone.

Fortunately, the trio did not appear to have any run ins with the paparazzi, which saved the car from scratches or potential damage from evasive driving. From all appearance the Bel Air was been treated to a quality restoration job based on the images provided by the sisters.

The Chevy bench seats provided the sisters with plenty of room to pose for their social media accounts. Unlike other celebrities, there were no reports of Khole abusing the rented ride; by all accounts it seems as though the Kardashians were just out for a Sunday cruise. Regardless of your opinion of the sisters, these ladies know how to spend a Sunday in the desert.