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We here at powerTV are much more than a bunch of keyboard cowboys who like to pound away on our computers, chatting up about how much we love cars. As many of our loyal readers can attest, we’re regularly tinkering, toying with, and ultimately testing some of the industry’s best go-fast goodies on our many varied project cars; whether it’s Dragzine’s refrigerator-white ’78 Malibu “Grandma,” StangTV’s “Biting The Bullitt” ’65 notchback pony coupe, or Street Muscle’s wicked ’69 Dodge Charger R/T “Killer Kong.”

Yet, as many of you know, not everything that claims to be “bolt on” really ever is, and requires a whole bunch of work to make that one piece to fit. That’s where the “big guns” come in, and that’s why powerTV has paired up with Lincoln Electric to outfit the powerTV shop with everything imaginable to get the job – any job – done and done right.

Lincoln stepped up to the plate in a big way, setting us up with their Precision TIG 275 Ready Pak (K2618-1), a Power MIG 256 (K3068-1), and their Tomahawk 625 (K2807-1) plasma cutter.

Since we’re dealing with some (literally) hot stuff here, Lincoln hooked us up with their new Viking Tribal 1840 (K3024-1) welding helmet, a pair of their traditional MIG stick welding gloves (K2979), leather TIG gloves (K2981), their full leather steel worker gloves (K2977), a pair of tradition FR cloth welding jackets, as well as a duo of FR welding beanies (K2994) to keep our noggin’s snug and safe.

We’ve already put most everything to good use. Heck, in recent months, we’ve added more steel to Stang’s “Bullitt” than what’s rotten off of half the Mopars in Pennsylvania…and we’ve still got more to go!

So now that we’re so well equipped with Lincoln Electric, you can expect to see a lot more fab-focused technical articles. So if you’re looking to install your first roll-cage, replace your sub-frames, to patch up your floorboards, you can count on the same step-by-step in depth tech that you’ve come to rely on powerTV for!

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