It is often said that if you put a bunch of engineers who had no prior exposure to cars into a room, and told them what a car was supposed to do, what they would come back with would be a Saab. One could tell the same story using the Tatra as the punchline, except nobody would get the joke.

With a history reaching back to 1850, this Czech Republic company has – at least prior to 1970 – produced some of the most styling-challenged automobiles ever. That, however, does not stop people from being enthusiasts of the brand, in the same way some are of Zils, Trabants and Ladas.

This particular example was originally picked up for $7500, which included a vast collection of parts, including the back half of another car. Aside from the unusual styling, this 1950 Model T600 is riven by a rear mounted, air cooled engine, in the same style as Volkswagens of the day.

Currently residing near Temecula, CA, the Tatra has been restored to a rolling body, now available for $16,000. The owner took the opportunity to dress the shell up somewhat, prior to taking it to a VW show. The “Amazing Karazmov” is a fictitious reference, having nothing to do with the background of the car.

The car has been covered several times over the years at, who supplied the photos shown here. If you’re up for a challenging project that will have your friends and neighbors scratching their heads, this would be a good one.