The Lowdown–Max Grundy Teams Up With American Racing Wheels

Max took some time to give us the backstory on the results of his collaboration with American Racing Wheels–the Stella and Turbine. Both offer the perfect balance between modern flare and timeless designs of the past.

Rod Authority: Can you give us some details on how you came up with the designs?

Max Grundy: “I was fortunate enough to have American Racing contact me because a friend of mine once worked an internship at the factory. He recommended me to do some custom wheel designs.

So, to be honest, I’d never thought to myself that designing wheels would be a good fit for me. Although I really love design of all types I never imagined that this opportunity would come to me.

This is life though and sometimes the surprise is better than the plan. I have learned that I love to design wheels and hope that it will turn into many more designs.”

Max Grundy's Stella

RA: Where did you draw your inspiration for the design of these two wheels?

Max: “It would be impossible for me to say I was not inspired by other wheel designs because I am a traditional hot rod/custom guy who loves all the old classic wheel designs. Having said that, I must note that I intentionally tried to not look at other wheels too much during the design process…I instead tried to get inspiration from aviation and military themes. Also, I was inspired by other non-automotive subjects such as jewelry making.”


Max Grundy's Turbine

RA: How would you describe each wheel? What applications do you feel that they best compliment?

Max: “The direct inspiration for the Turbine wheel came from looking at jet turbines. The inspiration for the Stella came from looking at the breather portion of a gas mask. This wheel has been nicknamed the “Roulette Wheel” because it has that appearance as well.

I feel that the Turbine ultimately works best in the custom world and the Stella applies to hot rods and industrial type applications–there’s definitely some crossover of course.

Max’s 1950 Pontiac Safari sporting his American Racing Turbine Wheels.

I designed each to have a little contemporary edge so each design could also be used on a new car. I’ve used the turbines on my 1950 Pontiac station wagon and hope to use a narrowed Stella with a raw metal finish on a hot rod application.

I want to do more with American Racing. We have been talking about doing some new designs. I can promise to your readers that I will do my best to incorporate my themes of industry and tradition into future wheel designs.

These new designs will continue to express my artwork in 3D utilitarian form as well as having a minimal sleek look. I look forward to the future!”

Rod Authority would like to thank Max for taking the time to expand on his designs and we also look forward to whatever new wheels he comes out with. The guy’s a natural in our eyes–the Turbine and the Stella could easily fall within the annals of timeless wheel styles. Stay up to date with Max and his work by visiting his homepage. Also, give him a Like on Facebook.

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