The Mad Max series is, at its heart, a movie about the world’s dangerous dependence on oil, and how it could one day lead to the collapse of modern society. So it is with thick irony that we celebrate the crazy contraptions and cars that have come from the world of Mad Max. While the Falcon police interceptor that is Max’s ride is the most popular car, the recently-announced reboot of the film promises to bring more ridiculous rides into the post-apocalyptic canon.

Set in a wasteland where oil is worth more than life, we’re not sure yet if the new Mad Max flick will be a prequel, or a sequel. Whatever it is, we do know that it is filming in the desert nation of Nambia right now, and the website Moviehole has come up with a couple of pictures of the latest end-of-the-world ride, The Gigahorse.

So just WTF is a Gigahorse? From what we can tell, it is two ’59 Cadillac couple bodies, one attached to the top of the other, sitting on a massive monster truck frame. The rear tire alone is taller than most pickup trucks, and the aggressive angle that the Gigahorse sits at makes the cow catch at the front look all the more menacing.

Powering the Gigahorse will be two supercharged V8 engines, according to an October 2010 article in Street Machines magazine. That concept has become reality, if the photos are to believed, though just how the Gigahorse slots into the plot line of the next Mad Max movie remains to be seen. That said, this flick is already shaping up as a must-see for us.