Heatshield Products’ Line Of Acoustic Dampening Products

New from Heatshield Products – their line of acoustic dampening products for automotive usage. These products keep out unwanted noise, heat, and vibration while being lightweight. See more details below.

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If you’ve ever ridden in some sort of “rattle-trap” full of strange and annoying vibrations and squeaks—or there’s been so much road noise that you’ve keep checking whether you’re sitting over open road—then you know how that can ruin the driving experience.

Heatshield Products has made it possible to keep out unwanted noises and vibrations without adding pounds of dead weight with our acoustic and vibration damping materials. Using our experience at developing the best thermal barriers in the industry, we have designed a wide array of products that help solve these issues.

db Armor  – The most effective stick-on sound insulation on the market, it’s 20 percent lighter than competing acoustic damping sheets and with almost double the sound-insulation capacity. It measures 0.51 inch thick and weighs only 0.39 pound per square foot. db Armor works on any steel, aluminum, plastic or finished fiberglass surface, and is designed to decrease structural resonance and produce a tighter, quieter and more comfortable ride. In addition, its adhesive backing provides solid and worry-free attachment.

db Suppressor – This provides equal to, or better, acoustic damping than similar competitive products—and with a 10 percent weight savings at only .048 pound per square foot. It can be removed if necessary and reinstalled with minimal effort; the 0.060 inch thickness means it can be installed in extremely tight spaces and underneath upholstery without causing fitment issues.

db Skin – This is a lightweight, liquid sound coating. It goes on purple and dries black, and may be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto a clean, primed surface by using a conventional spray gun. db Skin can be cleaned with warm water before drying, and once cured, it creates an impedance mismatch that results in an increase in overall output by 1 to 3 decibels, almost doubling amp power and output when used on speaker boxes and mounting areas. Also it acoustically dampens fiberglass and plastic enclosures extremely well.

db Sniper – At only a ¼ inch thick, db Sniper is the premier automotive sound-barrier insulation to block road noise in your vehicle and is equivalent to four to six layers of standard damping sheet material. It has been engineered to block and reflect high-energy, low-frequency road noise and airborne sound across a wide frequency range of 200 MHz or lower.

db Defender – This is a thin, lightweight, highly moldable vibration-damping material that consists of vinyl-based sheets designed to mold and conform to irregular surfaces to achieve a complete bond for maximizing damping performance. This material stretches up to 40 percent to make an irregular surface appear as though it has been dipped in plastic. It has twice the damping ability and less than half the weight of asphalt damping materials, and can handle continuous temps of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

db Gasket  – The db Gasket is a thin, closed-cell urethane foam designed to act as a buffer between independently vibrating components to eliminate squeaks, rattles and buzzes, including from linkage rods in door handles and locking mechanisms. It’s ideal for acting as a gasket for speaker installations, and provides a crisper, cleaner sound. It has an aggressive, modified acrylic adhesive that is impervious to water and harsh chemicals, making it suitable for exterior applications.


  • Assortment of spray-on, stick-on and sheet-style acoustic barriers
  • More effective and lighter weight than competitive products
  • Can be installed on metal, wood and composite surfaces
  • Made in the USA

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