New from HushMat – pre-sized Sound/Heat Deadening Kits. These application-specific kits eliminate unwanted sound, heat, and vibrations while still being thin and lightweight. See more details below.

Official Release:

With over 14,000 application specific kits to choose from and 3 decades experience in heat and sound reduction technology, HushMat provides real world results that work. Relied on by home builders and professionals alike the company’s custom fit kits reduce noise up to 50%, heat by 70% and eliminates many irritating vibrations all in a unique, easily installed material that is a mere1/8”thick and weighs just .47 lbs per square foot! HushMat kits are pre-sized not precut so you don’t end up with gaps and untreated areas. Each kit includes a selection of pre-measured and sized sheets to cover the entire area along and additional 5% to address any damage to material during installation. Kits are available for firewall, floor, doors, roof and trunk individually or as complete kits.

HushMat’s OEM specified and approved thermal and sound deadening materials have been tested and proven to perform from -30° to 550° F and installation is simple and straight forward. No acetone or alcohol surface preparation, heat guns or glue to apply. Simply set in place, trim with scissors to fit, remove the backing and apply. HushMat kits are 100% Made in the USA and include a template for the specific vehicle and handy installation guide. Treating your vehicle to reduce sound and heat transfer into the cabin can be a daunting task at best, but with these kits HushMat has done much of the work for you.


  • Reduces noise up to 50%
  • Reduces heat up to 70%
  • Eliminates many irritating vibrations
  • Over 14,000 application specific kits