New from Surf City Garage – the ClayZilla XL Clay Bar Replacement System. This system will help to unlock the full shine in your paint at a great price. See more details below.

Official Release:

How do you safely remove damaging contaminants from your car’s finish, unlock the full shine in your paint and get the best possible value?

The answer is ClayZilla XL, the ALL-NEW, PATENTED Clay Bar Replacement System.

ClayZilla XL is virtually indestructible and super-easy to use. It has a 100% ergonomic design which features a soft, high-density foam applicator. The easily replaceable Zilla Pad  is guaranteed to last 5x longer than a clay bar, saving you time, money, and hassle. The new ClayZilla XL now includes our WIPEOUT Scratch Eliminator & Polishing Pad.

Oh, and we almost forgot the cost. It’s a LOT – and we mean a LOT – less than any clay bar around. The best-looking paint, the best shine, the best value – ClayZilla XL.


  • Restores Your Paint By Removing Harmful Contaminants
  • Provides Clay Bar Results in Minutes Instead Of Hours
  • Each Replaceable Pad Lasts On Up To 20 Cars
  • Includes WIPEOUT Scratch Eliminator & Polishing Pad