Searching through the scores of customs on the web, we stumbled across this unique custom. Posted on Engine Swap Depot, it is a completely custom Army hot rod built from a M3 half-track. Whether this is just a show car or a legitimate road warrior, let’s jump into some of the details about this build.

The body has been chopped and lowered significantly on a Military truck chassis. The stance is aggressively low, but the chopped top gives the build a custom look that separates it from the rest. Under the hood, the custom truck is powered by 454-cubic inch V8 mills, which are each connected to their own respective transmission and operates on a completely separate axle.


With so much going on inside and out, it is really hard to just call this your typical custom truck. Curb weight may have not been the aim for this truck, but it has plenty of power from the 454-cubic inch engines to keep this beast rolling down the street. With push bars in the front, huge front over fenders, and eight tire rearend, this custom truck is one absolute show stopper.

It may need a wide street to make turns on and may not have the best fuel economy, but this custom truck is a cool build that is both unique and imaginative. Thinking outside of the box, we commend this build simply for its engineering feats mechanically as well as its aesthetic styling and customization.


What do you think of this custom truck? Do you feel there is something that is missing? Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.