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Defining a rat rod can be difficult if you try to over-complicate it. To us, a rat rod is any car with a crappy exterior but a power engine, modern chassis, and effective suspension. Rat rodding is a response to the no-holds-barred world of high-end hot rods, and in their own way rat rods are achieving an unheard-of level of popularity among car enthusiasts.

That’s why were weren’t all that surprised to come across, a website dedicated to helping would-be rat rodders track down the cars and parts needed to finish their projects.

It’s sort of a one-stop-shop for all things rat rod. There are links to worthy eBay auctions, kits and parts for sale, and a classifieds section so you can browse for what your looking for. While most of the rat rods on this site come from the traditional field of ‘30’s and 40’s would-be hot rods, there are some eyebrow-raising exceptions like a ‘68 Mercury Cougar with a 302 under the hood, or the ’55 Chevy pickup pictured above.

There are some really wacky rods on this site, which only makes sense seeing as how rat rodding tends to bring out the creative side of car guys. Often left with little money to adorn the exterior, rat rodders will go to extremes to make their rod stick out from the rest. There’s something for everyone over at RatRodStuff, and it’s a great time waster if nothing else.

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