eBay motors regularly brings us offers to sell really cool hot rods and rare cars. However, it is not that common to find an eBay listing that may be as cool as the car itself. Case in point is this listing for a 1933 Plymouth Coupe offered for sale by eBay seller onlineguitar.

If you have something special to sell, it makes sense to show it in a special way! Photography and video of this 1933 Plymouth Coupe was expertly done by Hot Rod Dirty's Photography and makes the eBay listing of this fine vehicle even better!

The car itself is a sweet ride that includes front and rear independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and air-conditioning along with its small block Chevy engine and Turbo 350 transmission. Interior and exterior work is top drawer and performance is said to be both powerful and reliable. It’s a cool car with lots of goodies that would make any prospective owner sit up and take notice.

However in this case, the quality of the advertisement itself is also part of the story. Thanks to the talents of Hot Rod Dirty’s Photography, the quality of the photographs included in this ad along with its two well produced videos lends a certain polish to the car that is rarely seen in these types of offerings. These pictures and videos of the ’33 Coupe give prospective buyers insight to the quality of the build that might not be apparent in other eBay advertisements.

Lots more photos and information on this beautiful hot rod is available at the eBay listing. Just click on the link in the story text.

This 1933 Plymouth Coupe is a great example of automotive planning and execution that is now being made available to its next generation of ownership. By enhancing the quality of the advertisement itself, this car stands head and shoulders above the rest.