Rare ’47 Hudson Pickup Just Sold

A very rare 1947 Hudson pickup truck was recently auctioned off on eBay. The story was covered by Jalopnik when the eBay auction was live and the reserve had not yet been met, we have since learned that the truck has sold to a winning bidder. The truck itself is a 1947 Hudson and it still carries much of its original body parts and has very little in the way of rust. Most likely its preservation was due to it being a parts truck for Boyd Rambler back in its heyday, and used very minimally from then on.

The early Hudson model pickups are among the rarest of trucks, though they lack appeal to some due to their bulky cabs and car like appearance make them a little un proportioned to what we are used to seeing. The Hudson car company actually took the pickups design from the cars they built, using the front end off there car bodies for the cab and attached a bed, and its actually a love it, or hate it design.

This ’47 model here just sold for $6,000 to a lucky bidder, not bad for a very unmolested truck. It runs and needs only a clutch as the owner stated, the clutch would not pull the truck and it could use tires also. Its 262 cubic inch engine won’t set any speed records but if left alone it still makes enough power to attend the local cruise scene and it can be driven while being restored, it if that’s what its new owner has in mind. No matter what becomes of this very rare truck, whether its fully restored, street rodded, or left as is, it will remain a very cool piece of automotive history.

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