Rat Rodded 12-Cylinder Lincoln Powered 1927 Hudson

All photos from Billings Craigslist.

Running across a 12-cylinder flathead powered anything on Craigslist is not an everyday occurrence, but finding a ’27 Rat Rod Hudson with that engine is a rarity indeed. A seller posted this rat rodded Hudson on Craigslist in the Billings, Montana area. Even if Montana is a bit too far of a haul, there are plenty of auto transport companies that would be more than happy to help this rat make itself at home in your nest.

According to the seller, this is one of two 12-cylinder flathead powered rat rods that he knows about. Rare maybe, but it is definitely an oddity in regard to the power plant. This engine was scavenged from a 1947 Lincoln and has required a little bit of work to get it running smoothly based on the information posted in the listing. The seller repaired a couple of broken head studs in August of 2016 to keep this vintage engine running strong. Although the broken head studs did not present a true mechanical issue, such as leakage, the current owner just wanted to make the repairs before something went awry.

Along with the Lincoln engine upgrade, the current owner upgraded to 12-volt coil in the original 6-volt housing. This proved to be advantageous because it allows the idle to drop down to 240RPM’s. Based on the information provided in the listing, this Hudson runs great and is capable of handing freeway speeds without any suspension or steering issues. Custom designed elliptical suspension ensures a smooth straight ride. Other custom features include a rear mounted radiator, electric fan, and zoomie-style headers.

Stance is an important aesthetic component of all custom cars and with rat rods low is the way to go. Despite the need for current tetanus vaccinations, this suicide door Hudson has garnered media attention from Renegade Magazine and won many car show awards. The owner and mastermind behind this ratastic creation has obviously put in countless hours into this project and it shows.

Along with the additional upgrades include front and rear disc brakes along with a limited slip style independent rear differential with 4.11 gears.

Like all rats, this machine features a fine patina and other stylistic elements of the rat rod genre. Fortunately, the builder opted to avoid the beer tap handle shifter and stayed true to the form with more classic rat elements, such as spiderweb accents. These spiderweb elements are found in various places on the Hudson, but the predominant web proudly adorns the rear window area. The owner appears to love this ’27, but he misses having a bit of cushion in his bank account and thus the listing. For $25,000 and some shipping fees depending on your location this award winning rat could be all yours.

Spiderweb elements have been added throughout the interior and exterior of the Hudson. The rear window housing features an eye catching prominent spiderweb accent.


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