Summer has once again started to make its presence known. For most people, this brings out the fear of stepping outside and facing the wrath of the glaring sun. However, after my recent move to the Gulf Coast, I’ve learned that this is definitely not the case for locals and their amazing rides. One of the draws here is a local car show affectionately known as – Rumble on the Gulf. Taking place every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. in Waveland, Mississippi at the Silver Slipper casino; the gathering is not only packed with classic cars and hot rods but also some of the friendliest people you can ever meet.

Every kind of motor-powered ride is represented at this show.

Beginning in May and concluding in October with the event Cruisin’ the Coast (which we’ll be covering here for our readers), this show will always surprise you with some sweet cruisers, high-powered street-legal cars, beautiful bikes, and the occasional oddity in car form. As soon as I caught wind of the show I packed up my camera gear, grabbed the girlfriend, and headed out to the beach. Not even 2 minutes after arriving, we caught up with quite a few guys and gals who were very enthusiastic about showing us their rides and sharing their stories.

Cool cars to help forget the heat.

Rumble is indeed the correct word for the wonderful sound of all these amazing rides out on the beach. With the Bud Girls handing out beads (no need to flash to get these!), classic rock being played by the local rock radio station, and cold drinks served for cheap, this is definitely the best way to beat the heat on a warm Thursday evening. There’s nothing more relaxing than the beach, a cold drink, and rows of beautiful cars and bikes to stroll through.

Sting Rays, Gremlins, and everything in-between.

As the sun began to set against the beach and the seagulls started to fly lower, the evening slowly came to a close with the sound of horsepower revving its way from the show and down the beach. If you’re looking for a great way to beat the muggy summer and you’re on the Gulf Coast, make sure you stop by and check out this energetic crowd.

The perfect way to wind down a warm summer night.