Speedometer Selection With Classic Dash: Cable, Electronic, Or GPS

Generally speaking, speedometers are not a very complicated piece of your car. While the car is moving forward, the speedometer tells you how fast. But, if you are building a custom interior and have decided to update the instrument cluster, a simple speedometer selection means more than just one that’s round or rectangular.


Does your ride need a mechanical, electronic, or GPS speedometer?

When electronic miles per hour gauges were first introduced for classic rides, enthusiasts balked. It’s understandable, the technology was new and the traditional cable worked, it was reliable, and it was simple. Now, however, there is a third choice that is making waves: GPS enabled, and again, enthusiasts have balked at the idea. But, the folks at Classic Dash want to help you understand that all three styles do have their place in the hobby, and they want to help you decide what is best for your application.

While the old-school cable-driven speedometer does still have a place in the hobby, having the ability to simply connect a couple of wires like with an electronic or GPS Speedometer, and have a working gauge is a real benefit.


Old school cable drives are adequate for many, but new technologies are available.

In the video, they explain the pros and cons of each. Take for instance the tried and true cable driven speedo. It’s less expensive than either an electronic or GPS-enabled gauge, but it does have limitations. The electronic version might cost a little more, but you get an easier installation and better, smoother operation and accuracy. The new kid on the block – GPS-enabled – might cost a little more, but is much more versatile, adjustable, and user friendly.

Electronic gauges do require the use of adapters to connect to an old-school, three speed transmission like a Turbo 350 or 400.

Basically, when it comes down to choosing which gauge is best for your ride, consider your budget, your application, and calling Classic Dash to get their expert advice so you’ll be certain to get just what you need.

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