Back in the dark ages, before the days of the internet and instant information, one of the few ways to get your car culture fix was to go and loiter around the magazine rack at the local drugstore. CARtoons Magazine, a big comic book devoted solely to cars, was a treat for any budding car enthusiast back in the day.

Produced by the Petersen Publishing juggernaut, CARtoons featured the work of many talented artists and writers. We recently told you about Dave Deal and now, The Jalopy Journal is running a retrospective on George Trosley, another legendary automotive  cartoon artist.

Trosley created the iconic, “Krass and Bernie” comic strip that ran in CARtoons continuously from 1975 until the magazine’s last issue in 1991. The duo was resurrected in 2005 and today appear regularly in Car Craft. Trosley also produced other features for CARtoons as well, including a “How To Draw Cars,” series and published a book of the same name.

Born in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania in 1947, Trosley was obsessed with cars and drawing from early childhood. His fourth grade teacher noticed his talent and suggested art classes which his parents agreed to. After graduation from high school in 1965, he attended art college and then went on to become a freelance artist.

As a lone wolf, Trosley worked for many publications over the years. In addition to CARtoons, he is probably equally well known for his “adult themed” contributions to Hustler magazine for over twenty years.  Google it.