Legend says that the devil can be found at a crossroads in Mississippi. A country song says that the devil is in Georgia, but EBay says that a very special “Black Demon” 1933 Dodge pickup truck is waiting for the right owner near Nashville, Tennessee.  

This gorgeous pickup has lots of first class work and parts that make it a sporty little devil. A chromed, vintage 331 Hemi built by the Young Brothers Racing Team makes the claimed 450 hp that is passed through a 700R transmission. A 9-inch Ford rear end with 4:11 gears plants the power to the street and gets you moving.

The red leather interior features tuck and roll design on the bench seat and through the door panels. A black leather dash with contrasting red-faced gauges dominates the cockpit while the controls for the aftermarket air conditioning reside below. The tunes are mounted overhead in the matching headliner to keep the dash uncluttered and sporty.

Any way you look at it, “The Black Demon” is as just as impressive as any high-dollar hot rod that you may encounter.

Exterior stance, chopped top, design elements and trim parts such as the chrome grille with the original Dodge Brothers badge, steel wheels and hubcaps, all help keep the traditional hot rod vibe despite the obvious high-end professional finish throughout the entire truck.

“The Black Demon” has been appraised and insured for $85,000 and the photos and videos posted on its eBay offering certainly do nothing to contradict that claim. Bidding starts at $56,900 or you can make a deal for this little devil for $62,500 outright.

Hot rodding and the infernal underworld have been inextricably linked in popular culture. Enthusiasts are often depicted as thrill seeking hellions speeding towards the underworld in noisy chariots and listening to the devil’s music. However, if you think that this may be a devil’s deal, fear not because the person handling the sales transaction for the seller is actually the pastor of a local church – awesome!