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Aficionados of classic cars realize how much wood trim is actually in these vintage vehicles. Everything from dashboards to floorboards have received the wood treatment from automobile manufacturers worldwide throughout the years.

Sadly, modern day automobile manufacturers have turned their back on the warm and rich look of natural woods in favor of plastics that are colored to look like the real deal. Custom car builders however, still favor the look of real wood for dashboards and trim work.  As for the new cars, Morgan Motor Company was/is the last automobile made with a wooden frame and plywood floorboards.

For custom car builders and restorers of the classics, it’s almost a given that skill in working with wood is as essential as working with metal. Many of the same techniques apply to both materials. The tools are different and the added cost of a full set of wood working tools, in addition to a full set of metal working tools, keep some classic car craftsmen away from doing their own work in wood.

We happen to find a video of Liberty Tools, which instantly spoke to us. Adding to your collection of tools and widening the quality of work you can do, on a budget, is definitely right up our alley.

We’ll let you be the judge of what is appropriate for custom cars and hot rods, but you have to admit; being able to restore the original dashboard in your vintage ride is much more desirable than replacing it. Plus, it’s easier on the pocketbook.

If you’re in the market for woodworking tools, you might want to look toward Liberty Tools in New England.

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