This ’56 Chevy Nomad was spotted on eBay, and when we saw it, thought, “What a cool project!” Yes we know, despite the fact that we all have our cars we cruise and the ones we haven’t touched in years. Could this be another one that would be added to the mass of unfinished projects and parts.

We know a car like this ’56 Nomad would definitely spark new life and fresh ambition in anyone of us, and probably give us the urge to push other cars to the side, to begin getting the rare Chevy roadworthy.

Its happened before, especially considering that the price is not that out of reach judging by the bidding on the auction. It hadn’t reached its reserve with a final bid of $6,200 when time ran out.

The car itself looks to be in very restore able condition though we don’t really know what it needs as far as work. Does it run, have brakes, any floors left in it? Who cares, it looks cool and won’t take long to have it up and going.