Throwback Thursday: We’ve Found The Ultimate Chevy Collection


Here we are, staring another Thursday with an editorial throwback. The week is almost over, and once again, we open the vault that houses our vast collection of articles. We’re taking a step back in time to locate an article that you guys might have either forgotten about, or might not even know exists. Whichever the case, we are certain that you will enjoy this editorial flashback, showing one heck of a collection of Chevrolet vehicles. I decided that this week, we should take a look back to just a few years ago, August 2015, and visit at an article that all gearheads can find chock full of mind-blowing eye candy – The Ultimate Chevrolet Collection. There is something awe-inspiring to see so much Chevy greatness parked in one location, and thankfully, we saw it first hand.


We all want at least one of every classic car ever built, but, do you think having a huge collection of classic cars is a great idea? Sure, we want to save them all, but that requires a lot of work, and let’s not forgot the cost of it all. But, we found one man that has seemingly made it his mission to save as many Chevrolet icons as possible. Going in, he knew the care and maintenance would be daunting, but the collection that he aspired to gather had to do with many factors.


The collection hosts true examples of pedigreed vehicles, as any car destined for this collection had to be all original if it was stock, and unbelievably cool if it was modified. But, don’t for one second think that these are just non-functioning pieces of art. Every car in this collection is occasionally driven and maintained by a crew of guys that all feel they have a truly great job.


The gathering of cars and automobilia is but a small sampling of a collection that has turned into a destination spot for automotive enthusiasts. The Eagles Mere Auto Museum may be a small portion of one man’s dream collection of automobiles, but it gives you a chance to relax and remember days gone by. The museum is housed under one roof and showcases over 75 ’50s and ’60s vehicles.

There are a lot more images of great cars – and a couple of videos to watch in the original article, but you’ll have to check it out to get the whole story. So, take a look back at, The Ultimate Chevrolet Collection, and take a trip back in time.

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