AmCar Guide and present the photos and the story of Dan and Tiffany Collins, a husband and wife team who restored this super-cool, retro rod.

For the girls of hot rodding, this one goes out to you. Dan and Tiffany Collins, who are the proud owners of this way-cool, 1927 Chevy street rod, bought the little roadster while it was still a forlorn rust bucket, long before wife Tiffany and Dan made it into the “girly” colored show piece that you see today.

Tiffany actually purchased the car, but when she did it needed a lot of work. Husband Dan helped Tiffany to trick-out the old Chevy roadster until it became a clean and open-fendered cruiser.

Not only clean, but a head-turner, mostly due to the ’27 roadster’s metallic purple and white paint with a little pearl thrown-in, a color scheme that continues throughout the rod’s interior.

Combined with an almost Barris-like paint scheme and an old-school looking motor, a profound amount of attention to detail has made this pearl-and-purple street rod a little less “girly” than most would think!

The Collins’ cool rod uses disc brakes in the front, a feature that’s always convenient, but while convenient, the rodded-out roadster does keep it real with a set of thin whitewalls filled in the centers with the “baby moons” that became a custom-culture icon during the 1950s. The ’27 roadster also stays true to the era and it’s “Ratfinkish” character with a mile-tall shifter with a white-and-purple knob that stays true to the retro-rodding paint scheme, with the pearl of the seats and the purple dash adding a nice, showroom finish.

We know–and they know–that girls like hot rods as much as the boys; Tiffany Collins, with her ’27 Chevy, is living proof!