To Buy or to Build a Rat Rod? That is the Question

Would you purchase a custom rat rod off of eBay? How about if it was pictured in a grave yard? Rat rods have traditionally been the result of custom fabrication. Usually they are very unique and have only the components that the builder wants in them. While you can get some pretty neat rat rods online, like one that was recently sold on eBay, buying someone else’s creation goes against the whole idea of rat rod culture.

Now don’t get us wrong, the person who bought this rat rod on eBay got quite the deal. For only $6,050, the new owner got a ‘66 rat rod truck with a Viair Air Ride system. The truck came equipped with individual lift and lower switches for both the front and back of the vehicle, as well as a Ford 9-inch rear end with 4.11 gears and disc brakes.

A stock Cadillac V8 engine was used to power the truck with a Turbo 350 transmission pushing the power to the ground. In true rat-rod fashion, the interior was custom and incorporated vintage license plates and street signs. The exterior was sanded and washed before it was clear coated to get the traditional rusted look.

Maybe buying a custom rat rod online is just like buying any custom car. After all, it is possible to have the same taste in custom cars as another individual, and buying one online doesn’t mean that you can’t make your own changes to the vehicle.

However, buying a rat rod on eBay is not for those who truly want to immerse themselves in the rat rod culture- creating your own custom car from spare classic parts. It does, however, let rat rod enthusiasts experience owning one of these custom cars without having to put all the work into it.

Although the ‘66 rat rod truck was sold on August 7th, we’re sure there will be more on eBay in the near future. It’s well worth watching the auction site if a pre-built custom rat rod is what you’re looking for.

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