Tot Rodz: Hot Rod-Inspired Strollers

Tot RodzDo you remember how old you were when you first started getting into the automotive scene? Were you in your teens, spending summers cruising the streets in your own hand-built rat rod?

Maybe you were a late-bloomer and didn’t get started until your late twenties or thirties; and began your entrance into the world of hot rods by buying a kit car or pre-built hot rod. Well, now you can get the next generation started a little early. Fresh out of Eddie’s Paint Works in California comes his exclusive line of “Tot Rodz.

Eddie Serrano, owner of Eddie’s Paint Works, has been working on everything paint since he was a little child. His passion for paint began with hand-brushing G.I. Joes and stripping down his many BMX bikes to bare metal. At the age of 18 he began working in the automotive repair business by rolling up air hoses and other basic “go-fer” jobs around the shop.

Thirteen years later and Eddie is the proud owner of his own shop, with a staff of several employees who are now HIS “go-fers.” As time passed, his wife announced the words that can often stop many of us from participating in the scene and selling off our toys, “I’m pregnant.”

Tot Rod 2Eddie started asking himself, “Does this mean I have to give up my right to be cool in my responsibility of being a dad?” Shortly thereafter, he realized that yes, he can be cool, and yes, he can do something creative about it!

Enter Tot Rodz. After looking for something unique to build his daughter, he came across a basic pedal car and did what he does best. Eddie flamed and chromed out the pint-size hot rod. After receiving plenty of attention at car shows he would attend with his daughter, he decided to build the pedal cars and strollers for the public.

With glowing reviews from the automotive community Eddie has decided to begin selling his exclusive line of pedal cars, strollers, and wagons online. You can get an out-of-the-box kit for as low as $229.00; or if you prefer to have it become a bit more unique, you can have some custom paint laid down as well as pin-striping and other options for a little extra.

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