United Pacific and Edelbrock Team Up to Build a ’32 Ford Coupe

The completed “Red Deuce” by Edelbrock, featuring a made-to-spec body and several components from United Pacific. Photo: Roy Brizio

The Ford ’32 coupe: is there any car more exemplary of the hot rod style and look? From its distinctive appearance to the numerous production of them in the hundreds of thousands, it’s no small wonder why so many people choose it as the foundation of any hot rod build. The perfect example is Edelbrock’s recent ’32 coupe  “Red Deuce” project, using a variety of United Pacific parts.

United Pacific’s ’32 Ford catalog. Photo: United Pacific

One of the great things about United Pacific is its devotion to the hot rod crowd with its ’32 Ford body catalog, which can be viewed here. The company builds some of the most detailed and quality-controlled pieces in the industry, like the 5-window bodies which they construct out of tough, dependable steel.

Starting with handcrafted dies, the panels are stamped out and then coated in EDP-Electro Deposit Primer, meaning the primer is applied without using regular air compression-inside and out, and then fitted with original spec’ hard wood assemblies. It’s an arduous and demanding standard, but definitely appealing to anyone looking to do the job right.

Regarding the project, Vic himself proposed the car as part of his company’s recent 75th anniversary. The ’32 Ford was picked as a tribute to the company’s history, dating back to when the late Vic Sr. raced his own ’32 at Rosamond Dry Lake in California.

Choosing to use United Pacific’s grade-A parts was a smart decision, considering the car would not only require nothing less than meticulous, precise measurements, but also would be driven along the 2013 Power Tour.

In the gallery, you can view the entire process from A to Z, and get a great look of how well the body sits and is constructed. The crew chopped it, and then added in those terrific little wooden posts (and even bows) to the rod.

And it wouldn’t be an Edelbrock car without an Edelbrock-equipped 302 ci V-8 motor inside. All in all, it’s not an original ’32 Ford Model B; it’s better, because it’s got all the right materials and aura of a neoclassical, modern-day hot rod.

Clockwise from top left: the body in its initial state; fitted with posts; fitted with bows to support the roof; the car's roof was chopped, and nearly finished, just waiting for the wheels and paint job. Photos: Roy Brizio

These guys make tons of sweet stuff to enhance and stylize your Ford, GM or Mopar ride. Interestingly, they even cover Volkswagen and motorcycle parts for those with different interests.

Take the time to check out United Pacific on its website and on Facebook, as well. And if you would like to meet the crew at the company in person, they will be at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, from August 1-3, and the “Hot August Nights” festival in Reno, August 6-11.


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