Envy is a powerful emotion, often springing from insecurity and a victim complex where we twist other peoples’ success into some slight against ourselves. Unfortunately, envy can manifest itself in some really, really ugly ways. Few things upset us more then seeing a classic car vandalized for no good reason.

Hernando Today reports the sad tale of an 82-year old man who had his 1942 Chevy pickup ruined by a bunch of thoughtless vandals who went to great lengths to vandalize this truck.

82-year old Maurice Paradise opened the garage door the other morning to find that his ‘42 Chevy pickup had been attacked by vicious thugs. Paradise, who spent more than a decade and many thousands of dollars restoring the truck, nearly had a heart attack upon seeing his beloved vehicle covered in spray paint with broken windows and green goop poured over the engine.

There are no suspects in the crime, and Paradise is heart broken. It took him years to win any awards for the truck, and once he did the accolades kept on coming. It could be that some jealous rival decided to get back at him, or maybe it was just some punk kids participating in thoughtless carnage. For the 82-year old Paradise though, it’s all too much to take in.

Even so, he decided to take his vandalized vehicle to the local car show, hoping to find help from fellow enthusiasts, and maybe track down some tips regarding whatever thug did this.