What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen someone put a Big Block Chevy engine in? Before you answer that, Take a look at this YouTube video that the folks over at Ridelust.com. posted. The video interviews a man named Kit Anderson from Australia, He is into some crazy toys. His idea of fun is running around on a 480hp big block Chevy-powered bar stool.

The barstool racer that he rides around on has a 454 Chevy engine on it, equipped with an 850 CFM Holley double pumper carburetor, a mammoth hydraulic roller camshaft, and he runs it with open headers. Maybe over there in”the land down under,” the blokes are impressed with Kit’s hot Rod barstool, but we have been doing that sort of thing for a long time.

You see, over here in the United States of America, is where the V-8 barstool originated! Now that you’re all fired up about the idea, We will show you where you can get your own wild barstool racer. Well, you know that company that puts out those big V8 motorcycles and trikes, you guessed it… Boss Hoss Cycles, they’re the ones that offer this barstool racer turnkey, and in kit form(add your engine ).

They have a subsidiary company called Hossfly, check them out! They offer these barstool racers in various colors, and they have options for small block Chevy, all the way up to a monster big block Chevy 502 engine! Horsepower options can go from 350hp all the way up to 600-plus-horsepower, for those of you who aren’t right in the head.

If you purchase it in kit form, you get to add your own engine. Can you say HEMI? They have both forward and reverse, but they are hydrostatic drive so you won’t kill yourself . It limits their maximum speed to about 25 miles an hour and 5 mph in reverse.

Yeah.. We know someone’s already thinking on how to make this thing run full speed! Christmas is coming, make a list.