Video: A ’57 Chevy Gasser Takes On Autocross Course

A fun event that auto enthusiasts can attend, and even participate in, is autocross – also known as slalom racing in some places. In autocross, instead of competing directly with others, you pit your car against the clock, navigating through cones strategically laid out on a course in a parking lot.

If you’ve been to one of these events, or if you’ve seen one going on while you were at the big swap meet in the parking lot next door, you can’t mistake the sound of engines racing and tires squealing.

For some, it’s serious business and the objective is to have the fastest time of the day. For others, it’s just to have the time of their life, to enjoy getting their car out on a track and legally drive it fast as they can through tight hairpin turns, sweepers and slaloms.

At these events, you’ll find cars that have been set up for track racing with wide tires, sport suspensions, sway bars, spoilers, whale-tails, wings and fins. Yes, I said fins. But not just any fins, these fins belong on a ‘57 Chevy Gasser.

At the 2009 Orange Country Cruisin’ Association’s (OCCA) Great Labor Day Road Challenge, held in Costa Mesa, Ca., they had a track laid out in the parking lot and willing participants ran their classic car through the course – literally. Some drivers were more conservative than others, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch.

When the driver of this Chevy Gasser made his way around the cones – or should I say through the cones – he turned in a not-so-bad time, despite the multi-cone time penalty. One small detail, not to be overlooked, is that in order to navigate around the cones you must first be able to see the cones. So check out the video on YouTube. And no worries about the cone, I’m sure the tire marks will buff right out.

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