Video: Bandit Films’ Rancho Deluxe; Australian For Hot Rod

Lately, we’ve been delving into the more obscure international muscle cars that came out during those heyday years of big blocks, low options and stripped down intermediate machines. With each article, we’ve been getting an unusual mix of responses, some cheering us on while other decry, “Only true hot rods and muscle cars come from America.” Well, we – and Ben Thomas, of Rancho Deluxe – would like to argue.

According to Ben, “Rancho Deluxe is my full time business, building traditional hot rod classics and components, and assembling period correct cars. The Rancho Deluxe roadster is my expression of a true hot rod, a time machine back to when innovation was hand built, and the true test of man and machine was flat out across the lakes.”

Frankly, we’re loving how this nichey American subculture has caught on internationally. Be it in Melbourne, Birmingham or Dubai, we’re seeing more classic hot rods being built by die hard enthusiasts today than ever before, adding their personal tastes and flair. Ben grew up with his father who taught him about the spirit within classic cars at an early age. Together, they built a couple cars which led to Ben working for Porsche for four years.  After that, Ben sought out on his own and founded Rancho Deluxe and never looked back.

Rancho Deluxe from Bandit Films on Vimeo.

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