Video: Big Muscle Concludes with Dual Engine-Powered ’27 Ford

In the world of cars, it seems that bigger more times than not means better. And in the case of this 1927 Ford owned by Gordon Tronson, we couldn’t agree more! Check out this crazy cool hot rod on the season finale of Big Muscle above.

big_muscle_double_trouble_3Growing up in New Zealand, Tronson always had an affinity for performance cars. So, after attending the Viva Las Vegas event for years, he decided to put together a performance ride that’s truly one of a kind. So he worked up a plan to build a 1927 Ford powered by two 4.6L Ford modular V-8s fitted with 1939-style Flathead distributors and with a total of four B&M Teflon superchargers planted smack dab next to each other in front of the car’s windshield.

And if that isn’t enough to get your jollies going, maybe the hot rod’s 1,200 hp will do the trick.

big_muscle_double_trouble_4Completely hand-built by Tronson, the ’27, nicknamed Double-Trouble, rides atop a custom-built 1.5-inch tube chassis, making use of the rearend, brakes and all, from an early Jaguar, as well as an independent front suspension complete with custom unequal A-arms and coilover shocks. The front brakes? Well, those are off of a 90s Corvette.

big_muscle_double_trouble_6Adding injury to insult on this extreme engineering masterpiece is the car’s massive 15×7-inch and 15×14-inch (rear) Billet Specialties wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber, planting this crazy hot rod, albeit not quite, firmly to the pavement. Yes, she may have 1,200 hp but Tronson admits, getting the car to stick with any kind of launching power is a bit tricky.

Sure, this hot rod is out there and certainly not for everyone, but the mere engineering genius that had to go into creating this fully road-capable car is astounding. And like Mike Musto says, if you think you can beat this engineering anomaly, go ahead and try but you’ll be biting off a hell of a lot to chew!

For more information and killer photos of Tronson’s Double-Trouble hot rod, be sure to visit his website here.


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