Vimeo’s Chad Anderson has shared with us the ultimate 1950s deco piece, this clean ’57 210 hardtop built by Kevin McMillan and Aron Cranford. Completed in ’09, the 210 sedan features a 6.2 liter, L92 mill mated to a 4L70E transmission. The ultra clean shoebox is fitted atop a custom Newman chassis with 4-wheel, 4 piston power disc brakes.

The 210’s interior was completed by Ron Mangus, while Russ Stephenson layed down the Glasurit paint that helps to give the ride its show car finish. And while the shoebox does achieve the finish that it seeks, we’ve got a feeling that its L92/4L70E drivetrain makes it as driveable as it is lookable.

As you can see from our featured video, this nice ’57 is an excellent example of a resto mod; it uses a modern drivetrain and subtle alterations while staying true to the taste of the decade. And while the 210 does stay true to the theme of 1950s Americana, the L92 motor looks right in place under the hood.

An injected motor that runs on pump fuel with old school, American iron class; you just can’t get a better combination than that. And one of the things that you may notice from our featured ’57 is that it is as much of a thing of art as it is high performance. Even Mangus’ interior work compliments the car’s overall theme.

Cars from the ’50s are as excessive in beauty as one can get, and today’s featured 210 shoebox reminds us of why the decade is one of the most heralded in our automotive history.