We here in America like to think we invented racing, but automobiles have competed in contests of speed the world over for most of the past century. And while America may host some of the best race tracks and driving roads on the planet, our neighbors to the South have hosted plenty of impressive races over the decades through exotic locales. The kinds of races you could never run today, no matter how much money you had.

The Chicane Blog was emailed this video shot by one Dr.Carlos Alavarez of the 1958 Santa Ana Sports and Grand Touring races through the streets of Santa Ana, El Salvador. This is one of those races where big American sedans mix it up with the likes of Volkswagen Beetles and Porsche roadsters.

Tens of thousands of native El Salvadorians turned out to watch cars from most major automakers tear through the narrow streets of San Benito. Watch closely, and you’ll see most of the major American automakers represented. Chevy and Mercurys are seen rubbing shoulders with Porsches and Mercedes as they vie for first place.

It’s rather amazing to see cars that today are pampered and prized flogged with such nonchalance in these old videos. The peppy traditional soundtrack only adds to the atmosphere of this video.