Video: Ford Designer Has the Coolest Job in the World

Craig Metros may have the coolest job in the world. He’s a car designer for Ford and appears to live the lifestyle that we thought was only possible in the movies. To begin with, he’s natively from Detroit, but now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He was sent there by Ford 5 years prior for a project and never left.

He spends most of his time in a huge garage that he’s rented with 5 other car guys, half of which are Ford buddies, and the place is filled with old street rods, motorcycles, and amazing car art. Craig attributes a lot of his artistic inspiration directly to the city of Melbourne thanks to it’s music, street art, and the laid back nature of the natives.

If Craig is working for a living, it’s hard for us to tell. Dressed in a leather jacket and blue jeans, and with a mop of hair we haven’t seen on our own heads since our teen years, he spends his days finding inspiration from punk music and puts that into his car designs. Unfortunately, in this video we don’t learn exactly which Ford model it is that he’s had his hands on, but we’re betting that like Craig it is cool, laid back, and makes the ladies swoon. Not bad at all for a day job!

Factory 6: Craig Metros from Fuel Tank TV on Vimeo.

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