It’s hard to argue against the claim that the rockabilly crowd may be having the most fun of any of us who call ourselves hot rodders. The combination of traditional hot rods, vintage rock ‘n roll and 1950’s fashions has attracted a loyal, enthusiastic and growing fan base. And to address what that fan base wants, an increasing number of high-profile and well attended events appear at major venues around the country.

It is also evident that the rockabilly hot rod movement has an international appeal. And it looks like the same growth phenomenon experienced in the United States is taking place in Europe as well. This video made at a European rockabilly event was originally found on the Chromjuwelen website. From there it made its way to the Ridelust and Vimeo websites where it caught our attention.

Without knowing in advance, you have to look very closely and make efficient use of the pause button to see that this video is actually of a European event! At first you notice that the license plates are European. Then as you proceed, you notice that some of the lettering on the vehicles is in German. You can also pause on a close-up of the tire where you can see that it was manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The universal appeal of this rockabilly hot rod event is easy to identify! The video contains great clips of people drag racing their rods and their bikes on what might be an abandoned airstrip. There is also terrific footage of vintage hot rods on display as well as people dressed in their finest rockabilly attire and enjoying their surroundings. All this is set against a soundtrack of old time rock ‘n roll music and the rumble of hot rod engines. Internationally understood in any language!