Video: How Durable Are QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts?

When discussing the benefits of weight savings, materials like billet aluminum and carbon fiber typically set the tone for the conversation–and for good reason. These materials are well-regarded for their strength and their lightweight properties, and the folks at QA1 have found a way to combine both of these materials in its line of carbon fiber constructed driveshafts. But just how durable are these components?


As Marshall Fegers puts it in the video above, “The 70/75 aluminum tube yokes actually get a lot more beat up than the carbon tube. This is surprising to a lot of people, but really with modern technology and modern resin systems, we can build the surface protection right into the driveshaft resin–and that really withstands all of the dirt and rocks, and whatever other debris that might hit the driveshaft,”

The nature of carbon fiber features more than just lightweight properties, however. As we’ve detailed here in a past segment, carbon fiber posses an excellent amount of strength in its construction–and we think it goes without saying, it’s a pretty darn aesthetically pleasing material as well. Getting back on track, QA1 says that a “48.5-inch driveshaft weighs in at just 7.2 pounds without the universal joints attached,” In comparison to the more common material choices (aluminum and steel), the carbon fiber iteration can weigh nearly five times as less (when compared to steel). If you’re interested in learning more specifically about QA1‘s carbon fiber driveshaft solutions, head over to its website here for a complete rundown.

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