Video: How to Chop A ’47 Buick Sedanette


If you’re well-versed in customizing, you’ll know exactly what it takes to fabricate panels, weld seams, eradicate rust, are an expert with a Sawzall, and chop tops. However, most aren’t and only see the finished version whether it’s sitting behind roped venues or on the block at an auction. Obviously, building a custom isn’t an easy task. It can takes months if not years for these builds to become road worthy.


Ultimately, getting a behind the scenes glimpse into the sub-culture of car building turns out to be the best seat in the house. Not a lot of us get the opportunity to sit shotgun in the midst of a full car build. Again, these types of things are a long, drawn-out process involving tons of man hours and hard work. So, when you get the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show, you take it.

Customizing On A Global Scale

The custom car building spirit isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Although the seed was sewn in the West Coast, matter of fact, in Southern California, it’s spirit has infected nearly every country from the far East in Japan to the cold realms of Northern Europe.

More importantly, we’re talking about Oslo, Norway. You wouldn’t think it on the surface but Norwegians, too, are just beatnik as the rest., a site devoted to the customizing scene in Norway spent some time with fellow Coupe Devils member Kjetil Kvipt who helped Hans Ola chop the top on the ’47 Buick. The chop was done as a club gathering, and Sondre Kvipt, Ole Kristian Espeland and Olav Kvipt assisted during the chop.

The boys from Oslo made sure to snap some images of before and after the chop. The chubby Buick took nine hours to sleek and slender into a shapely body.

Up front, 2.5 inches were taken out of the a-pillars, which lowered the roof about 2 inches. The rear of the rood was lowered 4 inches.

Best part is, the crew at Kustomrama recorded their chopping adventure and condensed it into two-minutes of awesomeness. We’ve got the video as well as some the images before and after the chop. Check out the clip and spend some time with our boys from Norway.

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