Video: Inner Workings At Billet Specialties

With a long and illustrious history in the hot rod and classic car market, the team at Billet Specialties offers plenty of options for outfitting your super Chevy with enough shiny goodness to turn the head of even the most jaded passer-by at your next car show or cruise-in.

Billet Specialties has deep roots in the manufacturing industry, as company founder Glenn Grozich started working in the fabrication field for his father all the way back in 1974 and parlayed that experience into the industry behemoth that has become Billet Specialties today.

The company designs, tests, manufactures, packages, and ships all of their product right here in America from their Illinois factory, and the Billet Specialties team strive to manufacture some of the coolest products in the marketplace today.

As Billet Specialties works hand-in-hand with some of the top custom-car builders in the world like Troy Trepanier to design custom products, and has had the good fortune to be featured on numerous Riddler Award-winning vehicles, their reputation stands out among the crowd when it comes to top-notch parts.

They offer their unique Tru-Trac custom-designed billet front-drive systems and over 90 styles of wheels to go with the interior and exterior accessories like steering wheels, steering columns, and just about any other shiny, sweet billet part you can imagine – all at a realistic price and with top-notch engineering included in your purchase.

We could get lost browsing through their catalog and make a wish list that would suck up the next couple years of salary, so we can only imagine what’s running through your head right now. Check out their website for more awesomeness, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Have a drool cup handy, and watch in 1080p if your internet connection will support it.



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