Video: Is This for Real? Swedes Go Drag Racing On Ice

This is crazy… Look what the folks over at Bangshift turned us onto. It’s a wild off-the-wall video of everything from motorcycles, drag cars, rat rods, and even a wheelchair, drag racing on ice. We’re thinking that these guys don’t have it all together upstairs in the logic module…but who are we to judge, if this is what they like to do on a Saturday night, we say go for it!

You have to agree; it definitely looks like a lot of fun. Whether you’re spectating, or driving one of these bad-ass machines that are being hammered down the ice strip, its a ton of fun! Check out the cars that the Swedes have built, better yet, watch how hard  some of the drivers beat on these machines.

The guys on the motorcycles are crazy also, you can see that some of the riders have spikes on both the rear and front tires.  We were definitely impressed with the variety of early 40s and 50s era hot rods. We especially liked the ’49 Ford club coupe. It wasn’t about how big of a rooster tail you could kick up; it seemed like the race was more of a time trial from start to finish, because you could see a lot of the guys were serious about trying to get their cars moving quickly without spinning the tires.

So it definitely looks like some type of timed run event. There is even a guy in a chainsaw motor powered wheelchair. It has to be the long cold winters there that got someone thinking of how they could still drag race with snow and ice on the ground, either that, or everybody got a really bad case of cabin fever.

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