When it comes to supporting this country’s Veterans, Gina Elise has come up with a creative way to raise funds for those who have proudly served this country. After watching news coverage on the injuries to members of the military, Elise decided to raise money for Veteran’s healthcare programs in honor of her Grandpa Lou. Her grandfather served 4-years during World War II; that era became the inspiration for her Pin-Ups For Vets calendar.

After taking inspiration from the pin up girls of the World War II years, Elise decided to recreate the style and beauty of those women to boost the spirits of modern day Veterans. These calendars were sold to raise money for hospitalized Veterans, sent to deployed members of the armed forces, and given to those Veterans who were injured or being treated for illness.

During a recent interview with CBS Los Angeles, Elise explained that the funds raised from calendar sales were donated to VA hospitals to buy rehab equipment as well as shipping care packages to deployed troops. In 2014, she recruited female Veterans to take part in the Pin-Ups For Vets calendar. Not wanting to exclude male service members, Elise included male Veterans in the 2015 edition.

Currently, the project is taking part in a 50-state VA and military hospital tour to support Veterans who are injured or undergoing medical treatment. Along with the monetary support for Veterans healthcare, the project strives to assist homeless Veterans through clothing donations and calendar gifts at shelters. Female Veterans have received makeovers and clothing thanks to efforts of Elise and the Pin-Ups For Vets organization.